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Advanced Clay Paint Correction Pad 5inch and 6inch

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Unlock Advanced Cleaning Power with Our Clay Sponge Pad

Experience the cutting-edge technology of our Advanced High-Tech Polymer Clay Sponge Pad, designed to effortlessly remove surface contamination without the need for harsh chemicals. Simply use a Spray Detailer or waterless wash product to lubricate the surface while effectively decontaminating. Ideal for eliminating auto surface oxidation, tar, industrial fallout, and stubborn bugs from vehicle surfaces, our Clay Sponge Pad ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning process.


  1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly.
  2. Available in two convenient sizes: 5 inches and 6 inches.
  3. Can be used by hand or with a DA Orbital.
  4. Spray Clay Solution on the surface, then carefully rub the Clay Sponge Pad on the area to remove contaminants.
  5. Avoid circular motions for optimal results.
  6. Repeat steps 1 & 2 over the entire painted surface and windows, then rinse with water to clean it.
  7. Feel the difference before and after, as your vehicle shines with a renewed appearance.

Upgrade your detailing routine with our Clay Sponge Pad and discover the transformative power of advanced cleaning technology. Say goodbye to surface contaminants and hello to a pristine finish with every use.

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