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P&S Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer 32oz

by P&S
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Restore and Protect with P&S Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer

Experience the ultimate restoration with P&S Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer. Engineered to tackle damaged, oxidized gelcoat and paint, this versatile product revitalizes surfaces while enhancing, moisturizing, and brightening in a single step. Say goodbye to dull finishes and hello to a renewed, durable shine.

Versatile Cleaning and Protection in One

Unleash the power of medium cleaners and protective sealants with Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer. Its unique formulation makes it a versatile polish capable of removing oxidation and surface irregularities while leaving behind a resilient finish. Elevate your detailing game with a product that cleans and protects in one simple step.

Effortless Restoration for Gelcoat, Fiberglass, and Painted Finishes

Simplify your restoration process with Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer. Perfect for gelcoat, fiberglass, and painted finishes, this all-in-one solution streamlines your workflow. With just a single application, witness the transformation as Kyle’s cleans away imperfections and leaves behind a protective barrier. Say hello to restored brilliance with minimal effort.

 For added protection clients may choose Challenger Boat, RV & Aircraft Wax, UltraCoat Paint Sealant or Bead Maker.


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