Buff Brite Fur-eel Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment

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Product Description

The Buff Brite Fur-eel Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment will greatly improve the speed at which you can remove pesky pet hair from interior carpets and upholstery! This patented poly latex tool easily slides onto any standard Mr. Nozzle crevice tool or the Buff Brite The Fang for Fur-eel Vacuum Attachment. Fur-eel is made of soft latex polymer and easily glides across carpets, loosening and accumulating pet hair in the process. All you need is light pressure and the scrubbing will allow the attached vacuum to suck up the pet hair much easier, greatly reducing the effort and time needed during this process. The Fang Attachment has an inside diameter is measured at 1.25", which allows it to fit most home central vacuum systems, upright vacuums with a hose, and many shop wet dry vacs. The 1.5" outside diameter is perfect for most other applications like shop and garage vacuums, professional shops and even at the car wash. The Fur-eel fits directly over the top of that attachment for ease of use, so if you do not have a Fang yet, be sure to purchase that with your Fur-eel. If you have the large 2-1/4 inch hose, you will need the Buff Brite Shop Vac Adapter for easy mounting of the Fur-eel and Fang. Stop wasting time, remove pet hair faster with the Buff Brite Fur-eel Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment!

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