SM Arnold® Water Sprite® SpeedyDrier XL Chamois SM Arnold®

SM Arnold® Water Sprite® SpeedyDrier XL

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The Water Sprite® SpeedyDrier XL is a new revolutionary towel dries almost any surface super fast, leaving nothing but a spot-free shine. SpeedyDrier XL from SM Arnold is the next generation of the Water Sprite Plus PVA Drying Cloth. This Chamois absorbs four times its weight in water. When it's full of water, twist to wring out. Then, it is ready to absorb water again. You can dry a car in minutes while enjoying a spot-free, lint-free shine.

The SpeedyDrier XL's innovative synthetic material gently lifts water and any dirt and grime away from the car surface, resulting in a scratch-free, super-dry finish. The XL is supersize at 31 x 25 inches, 5.38 square feet, and weighs 10-ounces. It's large enough and easy to cut for any size job.

  • Dry big cars in mere minutes
  • Dry without leaving lint, streaks, or spots
  • Effortless, trouble-free drying
  • Hug every curve and contour when drying
  • Prevent water spots with super fast drying

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