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Wash N' Shine - Concentrated Wash & Wax Soap

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Size: 32oz

Wash N' Shine is a high foaming vehicle washing detergent with a pleasing cherry fragrance and excellent loosening action. Leaves the vehicle with a high "like new" shine.

This neutral car wash soap is designed primarily for hand wash applications, but may also be used with a pressure washer. Biodegradable and safe for all vehicle finishes.

  • Fleet Vehicle Cleaning
  • Hand Vehicle Washing
  • Conveyor Car Washes
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Self Serve Car Washes
  • Foaming Brush Applications
  • Truck Washing
  • Car Dealers

Directions For Use:

  • Car washing by hand - Dilute in warm water. Use sponge or long handled soft bristled brush to apply and agitate solution. Apply to a small workable area. Washing in a circular motion be sure to overlap. Rinse thoroughly with hose or pressure washer.
  • Mechanical Washing - Based on type of equipment, dilute according to equipment manufacturer's directions.

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