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Allbrite Dissolve-it Citrus Cleaner

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Allbrite Dissolve-it is a strong, multi-purpose cleaner powerful enough to remove graffiti. Excellent when used on grease stains, Allbrite Dissolve-it is made in the USA from d-limonene, solvents, surfactants, alkaline builders and chelating agents. The d-limonene in Allbrite Dissolve-it gives it a fresh citrus smell, making it a natural choice for cleaning home or office as well as for automotive use. Allbrite Dissolve-it can be used on a wide range of washable surfaces, including carpets. Pick up Allbrite Dissolve-it for use as a general cleaner, a degreaser or put it to work removing tough spots.

• Contains small amount of caustic
• Concentrated
• Use caution on aluminum and hot surfaces
• Solution has a pH of around 12.5
• Made in the USA by Allbrite

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