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Buff and Shine® Bug Block Scrubber Sponge #335

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The yellow Buff and Shine® Bug Block Scrubber Sponge looks and feels like a premium quality and durable piece of foam. This scrubber sponge does not scratch automobile paint when rubbed on exterior surfaces. Immerse this heavy-duty sponge in soap and water and it becomes soft enough for gently removing bug splatter on windshields and painted surfaces. This scrubber sponge has a block-like shape.

With four usable sides, you can rotate for full coverage. The sponge features a honeycomb design to help absorb large quantities of soapy water and stay well-soaked. This helps the Buff and Shine® Bug Block Scrubber Sponge easily scrub contaminants, and droppings of birds and bugs.

Key Features of the Buff and Shine® Bug Block Scrubber Sponge:

  • Block shaped scrubber sponge
  • Honeycomb design has super absorbent power to soak in enough soapy water
  • Softens when it comes in contact with plain or soapy water
  • Does not scratch windshields or paint surfaces
  • Traps grime and bugs effectively
  • Use with P&S BUG OFF Insect Remover
  • All four sides are usable for effective cleaning
  • Designed for removing bug and bird droppings
  • Size: 3" x 3" x 5"
  • Material Type: Foam
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