Car Wash 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Cleaning Drying Towels 16" x 25"

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Premium Hand Towels 100% Cotton

Our royal blue hand towels are premium quality. Premium cotton is made from a higher grade of cotton that is expertly spun to give you more of what you already love from this all-natural material.

These medium weight 16” x 25” 100% cotton terry towels are good quality, soft and absorbent. 

  • 100% cotton 
  •  Soft and absorbent 
  •  Ideal for gyms, fitness centers, car washes, or wiping down golf carts
  •  Size: 16” x 25”
  •  2.8 lbs. per dozen 
  • Dense and thick terry pile
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Ideal for car wash use, can also be used for drying, chrome polishing, dusting dashboards and wax removal
  • Suggest to keep the towel damp while using on painted surface

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