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Clay Magic Blue Fine Grade Detailing Clay Bar 200 Grams

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Clay Magic Clay Bar - Blue Fine Grade

Is not just another cleaner, it is a totally unique product that instantly removes the environmental contaminants which can deteriorate a vehicle's finish. Clay Magic is the original, seven patented clay bar. 

Great For:

  • Removing overspray
  • industrial fall out
  • pre-cleaning before applying a paint protectant
  • Detailer Approved

SIZE: 200 Grams


  1. Wash Vehicle
  2. Dry vehicle
  3. Use a quick detail spray as your spray lubricant
  4. Spray a section at a time and glide the clay bar against the paint side to side with adequate pressure.
  5. Knead the clay bar and flatten out like a small pancake and continue on another section.

NOTE: If you drop the clay bar onto the floor it is recommended to throw that piece of clay away as it may have dirt embedded in the clay and will scratch the vehicle paint. TIP: Cut the clay bar into 1/3's so you have new clay to use.

California Proposition 65 Warning

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