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Deluxe 5 Gallon Dispenser Spigot With Narrow Neck for HedPak Cubes

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3/4 Inch Deluxe Narrow Neck Spigot for HedPaks

  • TURN YOUR HEDPAK INTO A DISPENSER - Pour most non-flammable liquids and chemicals from your Cube, carboy, or hedpak into smaller quart bottles or other containers. You will have fewer spills and leakage using this Deluxe Spigot with a narrow neck for fast and easy filling.

  • HIGH QUALITY - This faucet is manufactured of tough, durable polyethylene plastic for excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals for long-lasting durability.

  • EASY TO USE - Screw the narrow neck easy flow spigot into the 3/4-inch threaded opening of your 5-gallon cube cap. Then flip the Cube on its side, and you are ready to dispense most non-flammable liquids and chemicals such as car wash and upholstery shampoos or interior cleaners into your bucket, carpet cleaning machine, or smaller bottles. 

  • CONTROLLED FLOW - The half-turn on-off handle allows you to start, stop, or adjust the flow, providing a smooth and rapid liquid flow from your Cube into another container without a mess or dribbles. 

  • FAST STOP - Once you have dispensed the required amount of chemical from the Cube, flip the half-turn on-off handle in the opposite direction to close it. 

  • QUICK TIP - When the spigot is attached to the Cube and not in use, flip the Cube on its back to prevent the liquid from leaking, in case the spigot is not tightly secured.