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Deluxe Dispenser Spigot With Narrow Neck for HedPak Cubes

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Turn your HedPak into a spill-free dispenser with our 3/4 Inch Deluxe Narrow Neck Spigot.

🌟 High-quality and durable, this spigot is designed for easy use. Screw it into the 3/4-inch threaded opening of your 5-gallon cube cap, flip the Cube, and start dispensing non-flammable liquids and chemicals with precision.

💧 Enjoy controlled flow with the half-turn on-off handle, preventing mess and drips. When done, simply flip the handle to stop the flow.

🔒 Prevent leaks by flipping the Cube on its back when the spigot is not in use.

Upgrade your dispensing experience with our Deluxe Spigot today!

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