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Detailer's Choice Bucket Grit Guard

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Grit Guard Bucket Grit Guard

"Prevent Scratches and Swirls"

The Grit Guard Bucket Grit Guard is an essential tool for preventing scratches and swirls on your vehicle's paint. The patented design of the Grit Guard traps dirt and debris at the bottom of your wash bucket, away from your wash mitt. This means that any dirt or debris that is picked up by your mitt is trapped below the Grit Guard, preventing it from scratching your paint.

"Easy to Use and Clean"

The Grit Guard Bucket Grit Guard is incredibly easy to use and clean. Simply place the Grit Guard at the bottom of your wash bucket before filling it with water and soap. When you're finished washing your vehicle, simply remove the Grit Guard and rinse it off. It's that easy! The Grit Guard is also made from durable, high-quality materials that are designed to last for years of use.

"Compatible with Most Wash Buckets"

The Grit Guard Bucket Grit Guard is compatible with most wash buckets on the market, making it a versatile tool for any car enthusiast or professional detailer. It is designed to fit snugly at the bottom of any 3.5- to 7-gallon bucket, creating a barrier between your wash mitt and any dirt or debris that may be lurking at the bottom of your bucket.

  • Help Prevent Swirls: Significantly reduces potential swirls and scratches when using microfiber wash mitt
  • Remove Dirt: Radial agitation grid removes dirt and debris from wash mitt
  • Keep Mitt Clean: Four quadrant base isolates dirt and debris, helping prevent mitt contamination
  • Use Solution Longer: Get longer life out of your car wash solution
  • Good Fit:  Fits most 3.5 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon 6 and 7 gallon buckets.

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