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Ultimate Paint Protection in Minutes with Our Exclusive Nano-Hybrid Formula

Diamond Quick Body delivers our proprietary blend of silicone dioxide and nanotechnology for paint protection that repels water, resists UV damage, inhibits oxidation and keeps your finish glossy – all from an easy spray-on, wipe off application.

6 Months of Protection and Dazzling Gloss in a Time-Saving Formula

While our maximum-strength nanodiamond coatings provide multi-year protection through a chemical bond with your clearcoat, Diamond Quick Body captures the power of nanoscience in a convenient spray sealant you simply mist on and buff off. The unique formulation provides a protective barrier that beads water for smooth, touchless drying while preventing UV damage for up to 6 months. And it enhances gloss to an eye-catching caramel shine.

The Innovative Science Behind the Slick, Protective Shield

Diamond Quick Body incorporates an exclusive hybrid formula that blends nanoscopic inorganic silicone dioxide molecules with organic compounds. The result is a slick, hydrophobic barrier that adheres securely to clearcoat through intermolecular interactions rather than a permanent chemical bond. This means outstanding short-term protection with zero prep required – just spray and wipe!

Get the Most from Your Coating with Proper Preparation

While Diamond Quick Body can be applied as a standalone spray sealant, we recommend first using Diamond Body Prep to remove any waxes, sealants or fillers that may interfere with bonding. Prepping your paint properly before applying Diamond Quick Body ensures full strength and durability from the exclusive nanotechnology formula.

Our Complete System Works Together for Enduring Performance

Diamond Body Prep along with Diamond Quick Body forms the ideal maintenance regimen in between full nanodiamond coating applications. This complete system removes previous product buildup for the strongest attachment before rejuvenating that slick, protective shield - keeping your finish vibrant and hydrophobic month after month.

Next Generation Paint Protection Simplified

Forget waxing multiple times per year only to find your paint fading and swirled. Diamond Quick Body infuses advanced nanotechnology into an easy-application spray sealant that anyone can use anytime. So enjoy 6 full months of staying clean and vibrant in between full detailing or maximum nanodiamond coatings. The futuristic science of next level gloss and protection is now at your fingertips.

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