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Eagle Silicon Carbide Waterproof Sanding Half Sheets 9in. x 5.5in.

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Eagle Waterproof Abrasive Paper Convenience size half-sheet wet sanding paper. High quality for its durability, speed, and extremely uniform abrasive grains. Sharp silicon carbide abrasive grain is resin-over-resin bonded on a highly flexible anti-slip backing that requires no pre-soaking before sanding.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Premium resin-over-resin bonded sheets cut faster and last longer for every wet sanding job
  • EXTREMELY UNIFORM: Ultra-precise silicon carbide grain placement results in a more uniform finish
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: Revolutionary paper backing is highly flexible and offers anti-slip protection for industry-leading durability
  • FEATURES: Flexible & anti-slip paper backing eliminates the need for pre-soaking prior to sanding
  • MADE IN JAPAN: Manufactured by Kovax, pioneers in waterproof abrasives and leaders in coated abrasive technology for over 90 years in the automotive, metalworking, and woodworking industries
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