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Gilmour Soft Grip Water Nozzle

by Gilmour
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Gilmour Soft Grip Water Nozzle

Product Description

Gilmour Soft Grip Nozzle With Threaded Front The original insulated pistol grip nozzle with a threaded front. Great for spraying hot or cold water as there is air between the outer grip and the metal nozzle. Solid brass stem with permanent adjusting nut and self-adjusting "duck" packing for lifetime leak-proof seal. Comes with a rubber head guard for protecting the front threads.

Quality built Gilmour pistol grip nozzles are available in a variety of designs to meet consumer needs. Key features include self-adjusting "duck" packing to prevent leaks, rust resistant springs and permanent adjusting nuts that won't fall off.

  • Heavy-duty metal construction built for constant use, season after season
  • Soft grip for cushioned comfort
  • Classic rear control
  • Threaded front for attaching cleaning tools
  • Solid brass valve stem with permanent adjusting nut.
  • Hold-open clip for continuous spraying

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