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Hi-Tech® TB-14X3B Nog Hair Blue Bristles Multi-Level Wash Brush

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Nog Hair Blue Bristles Multi-Level Wash Brush 

Specially made with unique synthetic fiber that's even softer, longer lasting than genuine hog's hair. High quality bristles that really hold the soap!

Faux Hog Hair Bristles

Utilizing a special synthetic fiber with the consistency of natural hog hair, nog hair brushes are the most efficient and cost-effective detailing brushes around. They provide great surface coverage, excellent soap distribution and retention, and versatility for application on a variety of different areas on your car.

 Breakthrough Noghair technology synthesizes all of the benefits and performance of genuine hog hair into an even softer, long lasting, high quality bristle that really holds the soap. This multi-level filled brush features nearly 180 degrees of Noghair bristles that cleans like crazy and minimizes the risk of the brush block coming into contact with the vehicle. Use with any standard screw hand. Blue Bristle Brush

Size: 8" x 3.5", 3" fiber length


  • Multi-level construction for more surface coverage
  • Specialized Noghair blue bristles
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