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Hi-Tech Total Release Car Odor Eliminator 5oz

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Hi-Tech Total Release Car Odor Eliminator contain odor concentrates in four pleasant fragrances to deodorize then eliminate the odor source with a bactericide. Total Release Car Odor Eliminator sprays are great for eliminating odors from pet urine, sour milk, cigarette smoke, food and other unwanted odors on contact.

  • Tobacco, Smoke and Fire Odors
  • Dog and Cat Urine and Feces Odors
  • Mustiness
  • Decayed Matter
  • Spoiled Food
  • Pesticides
  • Odors of a Sickroom
  • Even Eliminates Skunk Odors
  • Any Other Annoying Odor Regardless of its Source
  • Penetrates into Cracks and Crevices to Remove Odors at Their Source Inside Your Home, RV, Vehicle, Boat Cabin, Office, Anywhere Obnoxious Odors Exist
  • More Than an Air Freshener or Room Deodorizer, It Counteracts and Destroys the Offensive Odors
  • Convenient and Easy to Use 5.0 Oz. Net Weight Aerosol Can– Dual Action Dispenser
  • Hi-Tech Total Release Odor Eliminator Propellant Atomizes the Ingredients Into an Extra Fine “Dry Mist”
  • Used as a Fogger or Odor Bomb a single can effectively treats up to 6,000 Cubic Feet.
  • Does not affect your sense of smell
  • Used as Directed, it Will Not Harm Draperies or Other Fabrics
  • California / OTC VOC Compliant
  • Detailer's Secret: Spray on a Cotton Ball and Leave Under Your Car Seat
California Proposition 65 Warning

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