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HiLustre® Final Lustre Instant Detail Spray

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Introducing Final Lustre, the ultimate enhancer that elevates the shine of virtually any surface. Designed to eliminate minor contaminants, fingerprints, dust, and smudges, this versatile solution works wonders on all paints, metals, plastic, vinyl, and glass. It's your go-to choice for enhancing the efficacy of clays and surface prep towels and pads.

Directions for Use:

  1. General Application: Simply spray Final Lustre on the surface and wipe it clean using a soft, dry towel or microfiber. This quick and easy process ensures a brilliant shine on various surfaces.

  2. Clay and Surface Prep: When using Final Lustre with clay or surface prep tools, generously spray it to ensure proper slickness. This facilitates smoother and more effective use of these tools, enhancing their overall performance.

  3. Optimal Conditions: For the best results, apply Final Lustre on a cool, clean surface. This ensures that the product adheres effectively and delivers maximum shine.

  4. Caution: It is not recommended for use on heavily soiled surfaces. In such cases, pre-cleaning may be necessary before applying Final Lustre for optimal results.

Final Lustre is the solution you've been waiting for to achieve that showroom-level shine effortlessly. From paints to metals and everything in between, make every surface gleam with Final Lustre's unparalleled performance.

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