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P&S Dark Supreme Swirl Eliminator Polish

by P&S
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$32.67 - $80.85
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Dark Supreme Swirl Eliminator is a silicone/wax free polish designed for use with rotary, geared/long throw dual action polishers. Dark Supreme resurrects the paint finish to its optimum gloss by removing light scratches, swirls and other paint imperfections. Achieve perfect results on dark colored and difficult paint finishes. Safe for use in body shops. Contains no wax or silicone.

Select your desired tool and pad combination. Apply a small amount of Dark Supreme to the paint surface or pad and begin the polishing process. Use light to medium pressure to remove paint imperfections. Work a 2' x 2' area or smaller and apply sufficient product to lubricate and provide sufficient polishing. Take your time and repeat the process over entire paint surface. Inspect paint thoroughly to make sure all imperfections have been resolved.

  • Swirl Mark Eliminator
  • High Action D/A Polish
  • Effective with Rotary & D/A Polisher
  • Body Shop Safe

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