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P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating Applicator

by P&S
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The P&S Inspiration Coating Applicator is the perfect applicator to use when applying your P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating or virtually any other coating. This applicator comes with the Inspiration Ceramic Coating, but it is the perfect replacement if you lose the one you have, are performing multiple applications, or if you simply enjoy this applicator and would like to use it with all of your coating applications. Utilizing a super soft microfiber surface ensures that no micro-scratches or swirls are added during the application. It can also be used around the interior and exterior to apply all of your favorite cleaners, dressings and protectants. The durable design will last a long time so it can be washed and reused time and time again. Apply your favorite coating or the P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating with the P&S Inspiration Coating Applicator!
  • Ideal applicator for applying the P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating
  • Soft, safe microfiber material
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Works with virtually all coatings
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