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P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover

by P&S
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$20.60 - $80.80
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Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover is a color changing, fast acting, pH balanced cleaner formulated to safely dissolve ferrous particulate from wheel and painted surfaces. Iron Buster will safely and effectively remove embedded iron particulate along with other contaminants from wheels and painted surfaces. Once applied product will quickly change to a purple color when iron particulate is plentiful and then can be rinsed to produce a clean surface.

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Customer Reviews

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Works as advertised

Product works just as advertised. In my case my car's clear coat had a bunch of rust and after washing the car just with one of using it the paint looks so much better you can see it working within seconds of applying it. I recommend this product 100%.

Hello Hiram,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience with our product! We're thrilled to hear that it worked wonders on your car's clear coat and effectively tackled the rust issue. It's truly rewarding to know that you noticed a significant improvement in the paint's appearance within seconds of application.

Your recommendation means the world to us, and we're grateful for your trust and support. If you ever have more automotive needs or questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!

Safe travels with your beautifully refreshed car!

Best regards,
Detailer's Choice Team