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P&S Orange Blast Cleaner & Degreaser

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P&S Orange Blast Cleaner & Degreaser is a concentrated and powerful citrus based  derivatives, biodegradable, and water based solvent cleaner. High efficiency biodegradable detergents break down grease and cut through dirt to clean vinyl, rubber, carpet mats, rims, upholstery, wheel wells and motor compartment. Orange Blast rinses away foreign particles that most cleaners leave behind.


  1. Spot testing prior to use is always recommended
  2. Use concentrated or dilute up to 15:1 Example: For motor compartment cleaning dilute 4:1 For vinyl & interior cleaning dilute 10:1
  3. Apply with a sponge or sprayer
  4. Scrub if necessary
  5. Rinse with water or wipe clean with a damp towel.
  6. Leaves a nice citrus scent
  7. Safe And Natural Cleaning Solution

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