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Play maker - all-in-one Polish and protected features microbreaks of technology that removes swirl marks, light scratches, paint imperfections and mild oxidation producing a bright paint finish. In one step playmaker polishes and protects painful playmakers formulated to work by hand or rotary tool or forced action machines play maker is a dust free extremely easy to use product for use by both Professionals and enthusiast's.

P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant will complete an entire 3-step detailing process in just one step! The genius formula of P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant contains professional level micro-abrasives that give it the incredible ability to correct moderate paint imperfection and polish out to a glossy shine. Once the micro-abrasives have done their job, the rest of the formula of P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant will take over, leaving behind a durable layer of protection! Now your paint is polished, cleaned, and protected, all in one step thanks to P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant!

Directions for use:
1. Wash the entire vehicle prior to beginning the polishing process. If necessary, clay the surface of the paint.
2. Select your desired tool and pad combination for polishing.
3. Apply a small amount of P&S Play Maker All-in-One Polish & Protectant to the paint surface or the pad and begin the paint correction process. Use light to medium pressure to product a bright finish. Work a 2’ x 2’ area or smaller and apply sufficient product to lubricate and provide sufficient cleaning.
4. Take your time and repeat the process over the entire paint surface. Inspect paint thoroughly to make sure optimal results have been achieved and polish to a bright finish using a quality microfiber towel.

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