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P&S Smart Extra Cut Heavy Duty Compound

by P&S
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$25.99 - $50.38
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Smart Extra Cut Compound: High-Efficiency Solution for Perfectly Smooth Paint Finish

Are you tired of using multiple products for cutting, polishing and finishing your car's paint? Smart Extra Cut Compound is the solution you've been looking for! Our compound is highly efficient and can remove sanding marks, scratches, and surface defects from even the hardest paint finishes. Here are some of the unique features that make Smart Extra Cut Compound a must-have for car enthusiasts:

Highly Efficient: Our formula is designed to provide superior cutting capabilities, which means that you can achieve a smooth and flawless paint finish with minimal effort.

Remove 1200 Grit Scratches: Extra Cut Compound is tough on scratches and other surface imperfections. Our compound is specifically formulated to remove 1200 grit scratches, leaving your car looking like new.

Remove Surface Irregularities: In addition to removing scratches, our compound can also eliminate oxidation, fallout, water spots, and other surface irregularities. You can count on Smart Extra Cut Compound to restore the surface of your car to its original beauty.

Use by Hand or Machine: Our compound is versatile and can be used with both conventional wool pads and foam pads, depending on your desired results. You can even use it by hand for small touch-ups and repairs.

Smart Extra Cut Compound is a silicone and wax-free solution that produces a smooth finish ready for the final polishing step. Say goodbye to multiple products and hello to a high-efficiency solution for a perfectly smooth paint finish.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Tony I.
    This compound cuts & buffs well!

    The compound arrived quickly. This compound cuts & buffs well. I usually color sand with 1000g, then step out to 1500g. Very happy with the quality of this especially relative to the price. The 3M compound I was using before this was ridiculously priced.

    We're glad you liked the product, thank you for your review!