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Premium Select Horse Hair Interior Cleaning Brush for Leather, Vinyl, and Fabric

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The Premium Select Horse Hair Interior Cleaning Brush is the ideal detailing tool for sensitive automobile surfaces. Fine grain leather upholstery and fabric convertible tops lose their luster once soiled with dirt, grease, or grime. Use the gentle touch of premium long-cut genuine horsehair to scrub, agitate, and remove offending contaminants from any fine upholstery inside, or outside the automobile. We built the Premium Select Horse Hair Brush with dozens of tufts of dense-packed long-cut horsehair bristles anchored into a durable synthetic handle. Real horsehair is renowned for its soft gentle touch with tough cleaning power. The soft hairs scrub and break down stains and loosen dirt and grime, but are gentle enough to not damage any sensitive surfaces. The sculpted plastic handle is formed for powerful scrubbing power with every stroke, and made with durable chemical and impact-resistant composite plastics. Keep one for sensitive leather hides inside the vehicle, and one for tough exterior parts like convertible tops and tonneau covers.

  • Gently scrub any leather, fabric, canvas, or convertible top clean
  • Natural horse hair bristles stand up to tough scrubbing and cleaning chemicals
  • Composite plastics resist cleaners and degreasers
  • Sculpted plastic handle maximizes leverage and scrubbing power
  • Dense-packed long-cut bristles create immense cleaning surface area with gentle cushioned scrubbing action
  • Contoured plastic handle for years of comfortable use
  • Perfect for scrubbing dirt and filth from convertible tops, leather seats and accessories, shoes, boots, apparel, and more
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