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RUPES® 980.027N Random Orbital Backing Plate, Ø 125mm/5" Velcro for LHR15ES & LHR12E

by Rupes®
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The RUPES foam holder backing pad is essential for the stability of the BigFoot System. Manufactured from expanded polyurethane, it is particularly resistant to mechanical stresses and together with the BigFoot foam polishing pad reduces vibration to a minimum. The special perforations in the pad are designed to create an air flow that helps to dissipate any heat generated by the polishing action. The material used for the manufacture of the velcro provides an effective anchor for the foam polishing pad. RUPES backing Pad 980.027 for foam polishing pads of the RUPES LHR15 & LHR12E Polisher. This RUPES 125mm backing pad has 8+18+1 holes, velcro attachment and a M8 thread.RUPES R-980.027 is a 150mm sole for on the RUPES LHR15 and LHR12E and equipped with a high-quality velcro.

  • SKU: 980.027N
  • Number of holes: 8+8+1
  • Diameter: 125mm
  • Manufacturer: RUPES
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