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SM Arnold® 95-687 - 10" Bi-Level Stiff Bristle Nylon Deck Brush

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Effortless Outdoor Cleaning: The Bi-Level Deck Scrub Brush

Breathe new life into your outdoor surfaces with the Bi-Level Deck Scrub Brush - your ultimate outdoor cleaning companion. Designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, this brush makes reviving your deck, driveway, and block walls a breeze.

Unstoppable Cleaning Power:

  • 10" wide brush head paired with 2.5" stiff nylon bristles tackles tough grime and stains with ease
  • Densely packed, flagged-tip bristles provide unparalleled scrubbing action
  • Bi-level foam block design reaches deep into grooves and crevices

User-Friendly Design:

  • Threaded fountain handle hole allows for easy attachment to a pole for extended reach
  • Ergonomic handling minimizes strain and fatigue during cleaning sessions

Versatile Cleaning Workhorse:

  • Ideal for decks, concrete driveways, block walls, and various outdoor surfaces
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures lasting durability and performance

Restore the pristine beauty of your outdoor oasis with the Bi-Level Deck Scrub Brush. Experience effortless cleaning and superior results with every scrub. Upgrade your cleaning routine today!

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