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Ultra Clean® Spot Off Water Spot Remover #32800

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Size: 32oz

Ultra Clean® Spot Off Water Spot Remover

Spot Off was developed for use where other products have failed. It contains a space liquid pumice formulation that lets you get rid of unsightly water spots caused mainly by sprinkling systems and rainwater. This product is not meant to be used as a window cleaner. It is too strong for daily use on spots and stains that your window cleaner will not remove.


Always test the surface to be cleaned in an inconspicuous area to determine if the surface is sensitive and to calculate the length of time the product should stay in contact with the glass or painted surface. Dilute 1 Part product with 4 to 10 parts water. Mix this solution in a polyethylene or plastic container. Apply to surface. Scrubbing or agitation will speed up the cleaning process and is recommended on badly stained surfaces. Work from the bottom up. Do not allow cleaner to dry on glass.


This product works fast and caution should be taken not to let the product come in contact with or to dry on the window frame. After the product has done its work rinse off thoroughly with plenty of clear water. Always test product on an inconspicuous area for compatibility before applying to entire surface to be cleaned. Avoid contact with aluminum and magnesium. Do not apply product to surface in direct sunlight. Surface should always be cool.

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